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2019DSE 英文作文5** Part A滿分範例

Part A

1.1 Academic life

Write about one subject that you enjoyed studying or found challenging.

Learning has always been my cup of tea. My secondary school life here was filled with my thirst for knowledge, eager for excellence and desire to learn. Frankly speaking, of all the subjects that I studied, physics was the one that I found most enjoyable.

Just as Richard Feynman once said,” no one can really understand physics.” The mysterious nature of the subject had always fascinated me. The equations of motion, laws of electromagnetism and the theory of relativity were cases in point in physics that I found immense joy in. Here in school, Physics lesson was the most anticipated, exciting and memorable time for me. When I was learning physics, I was like exploring the enormous and mystical universe, unveiling the deepest mysteries of the world. Stuck in some physics questions, Mr Chan, our dearest physics teacher, never hesitated to offer help. His passion in teaching physics further ignited my enthusiasm towards the subject. Besides, during recess, my friends in 6C would often group together to discuss about complicated physics concepts, sharing our diversified opinions on the subject matter. This also helped create strong ties and bonds between me and my friends. They were like my life compass, reliable mentor and life-long companions during the exploration of our beautiful universe.

Physics not only allowed me to understand the inner workings of the universe, it brought me once-in-a-lifetime memories in my school life. I really enjoyed studying it very much and would never give up in continuing my pursuit for physics.

1.2 Student life

Write a bout what you will miss most about being a student in class 6C.

When asked about what I will miss most about being a student in 6C, the first thing that comes to my mind is unity. Class 6C is more than a normal class, it is a large family. It is indeed a privilege and honor to be a part of this family. I will never forget about the harmonious and united atmosphere that I experience as a student in 6C.

We are like brothers and sisters to one another. There are no secrets among us and we completely trust each another. Sharing the good and bad days of our school lives we learn to shoulder adversities together. No matter how insurmountable the challenges are, we will join hands to weather the difficulties. In class 6C, I feel love, trust and support. During sports competitions, we would cheer for one another; Before grueling and strenuous exams, we would send text messages for support; On someone’s birthday, we would prepare a surprise birthday party to celebrate the occasion. We are always with one another amidst the ups and downs of our lives, unified to face anything ahead.

I feel the power of “unity is power” in my class. Class 6C is unarguably a platform- a precious platform that brought us all together. I will never regret being part of 6C and will definitely miss the heart-warming atmosphere. Thank you 6C!

Credit:Augustine Chan

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Ming Chak Alvin
Ming Chak Alvin
Jan 23, 2023

Is this written by you in 2019 DSE? 😅As I know you didn't choose Physics as your elective!😂


Ester Yau
Ester Yau
Jan 17, 2023


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